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When you want change your life, you’ve got to change your life. And I have decided to dedicate the coming years of my life to change my life by building up enough passive income through dividend growth stocks to become financially free and beyond. Asset Blogger will be the foundation of that journey to financial independance and will be the place where i’ll share everything with the world as well as help people out too.

Building passive income through dividend growth stocks

There are various ways to build up passive income but my main focus will be through buying high quality dividend stocks. These stocks should be of high quality companies that increase their dividends almost yearly since I like to get payraises on a consistent basis. And secondly i’ll be chasing only those high quality dividend stocks that are undervalued and so I can simply pick them up cheap!

Protecting my stocks through options and hedges

I’ll be protecting most of my investments through options and hedges. Since I have no influence on the marketprices my networth will fluctuate and because of that reason i’ll be protecting my assets through options and hedges. I’ll be trying to get those protections for free and let someone else pay for them.